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PHP Application Development

PHP is a scripting language which is extensively used for web development to create dynamic, flexible, interactive and compelling web pages. It is a general purpose language where a PHP source code is planted into HTML source code and translated by the web server through a PHP engine module. The outcome is web page document. PHP environment involves many utilities like supporting different types of web development tools which in itself includes graphics in applications. Mostly, PHP is deployed on web servers and act as a standalone interpreter on most of the operating systems or even a platform without any extra cost.

Redixbit Software Technologies specializes in PHP web development owing to the power offered by PHP environment and its capacity which are efficiently tapped for client benefits through trustworthy systems to work as per business requirements. Originally, PHP was abbreviated for "Personal Home Page" but today it stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor".

PHP Development Service Offerings

• Custom PHP application development: Redixbit offers its services across the Globe for customized solutions based upon clients' design and development requirement. PHP Website Development, custom PHP development, and productive applications are developed as per latest technical development standards resulting into sound, dynamic and robust application development.

• Migration of Readymade Web Applications:Migration of standalone PHP based applications to a Web based platform is done effectively via Redixbit. Company has also taken-up the task of efficient migration services for porting applications and database to other technology platforms.

• Amending mastermind applications: Applications are reengineered to improve upon the technical architecture and amended as per business requirements. These amendments are done to amalgamate new application systems with all the features along with new requirements.

• Up-keeping applications:Maintenance of applications and support services. These services are offered to ensure consistency in business operations. Problems arising are identified and solved there and then to ensure application enhancement and deployment.

• Web Portals or Websites - Dynamic or interactive

• Marketing Websites/Product Websites/E-Commerce Websites

• Gaming Applications

• Integrated Web Services

• Social Networking or Community Websites

Tools and technologies supporting PHP:

Code PHP and Code Igniter are prominent ones.


Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Wordpress,CakePHP,Zend,phpFox,Xcart,zencart to name a few

PHP is preferred over others because of its online Database Management system (DBMS) in the form of "PHPmyadmin". This tool enables users to edit, add or delete information from their website or web portal online without any efforts.

Redixbit PHP Development Solutions

Redixbit is a trusted name in development of simple websites to complex Web Applications. Company professionals have years of experience and expertise in utilizing latest infrastructure and methodologies and furnish real time custom applications and uplift your business through custom PHP Web development.

Our services are unique in the sense that programming time is considerably reduced owing to professional expertise. Clients benefit through projects as these are delivered within the stipulated time-period.

Benefits attached with PHP Web Development:
PHP is totally free:

PHP is free to download, dispense and use by PHP Web developers. This free scripting language is also free from any restrictive licenses. Users are facilitated to create their own version of PHP and are powered to use it in any country and for any applications. The language poses a serious flexibility threat to proprietary languages like JAVA and ASP.NET.

In sync with development:

PHP originated in 1994 and has been developing for more than 15 years. This development has brought a certain level of maturity in the coding language, preferred by the developers. It is as old as commercial languages like ColdFusion, ASP.NET and more.

Compatibility with different Databases:

PHP works best with another open source Database MySQL, an RDBMS, which again maintains a low development cost. However, it works well with different databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc. PHP combined with MySQL are cross-platform (you can develop in Windows and serve on a UNIX platform). Users have to spend less money or no cost at all to transfer database to other platforms.

Open source IDEs:

Integrated developer environment (IDE) is a piece of software which is required to develop software. PHP is equipped with a number of open source IDEs to enable easy and fantastic programming by the PHP programmers. Moreover, we as developers do not have to spend extra money to upgrade to latest version of IDEs e.g. NetBeans, Eclipse, Notepad++ just to name some of them.

Consistency updates:

Global experts' team ensures consistency in updates as per requirements of today's websites. These updates are available for free so the development work is done on the latest updates only.

Runs on almost every Web Server/Platform:

The data tells us that PHP scripting language runs on almost 99% of web servers. It works on all operating systems and its web browser.PHP driven sites and web applications are supported and maintained by thousands of web development Companies. Redixbit is one of the topmost companies providing excellent services through a team of qualified and expert PHP web developers.

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