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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Redixbit offers mobile solutions using the latest cross-platform tools to facilitate application development on multiple mobile platforms. This provides the key advantages of allowing simultaneous development and reuse of code on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc.

Using cross-platform technologies allows us to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms in a cost-effective manner. Also, these applications use HTML5 based technologies along with CSS and Javascript, while providing a high level of integration with native device APIs. The look-and-feel that they provide is also very close to that of the native toolset.

Redixbit provides cross-platform solutions with both PhoneGap (which is completely HTML5 based) and Adobe Flash Builder (using Actionscript and Flex/Flash). We can develop cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android (and in the case of PhoneGap for all other major mobile platforms as well) from a single codebase. Also, this makes development on different mobile platforms more easily accessible to the developer and reduces maintenance costs.

Redixbit has served clients in 20+ Countries for Web, Software and Mobile Development

India, United States, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Denmark, Brazil, Sweden, China, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Hong Kong, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Singapore, Finland, Austria etc.

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